Care Instructions

CUT FLOWER BOXES or ARRANGEMENT KITS: 1. Unpack your flowers immediately! 2. Do not expose them to heat or cold. Remember they are from the tropics. 3. Remove water tubes or cotton balls used to keep flowers fresh during shipping. 4. Trim up to ˝ inch from each stem so they can absorb water. 5. Add the fresh flower food from the packet provided to your vase or container. 6. Fill your vase with water (only some arrangement kits include a vase). 7. Some arrangement kits include a container/dish and floral foam. Add water to the container until the floral foam is completely submerged. Continue to add water until the floral foam is completely saturated. This may take a few minutes. 8. Now you’re ready to begin your arrangement. 9. To get started choose the central largest flower for your arrangement. Cut this flower to the desired length (this will be the tallest flower in your arrangement) and position in your floral foam or vase. 10. Arrange the rest of the flowers around it, from the largest to the smallest, again cutting the stems to the desired lengths. 11. Continue until all flowers are positioned. Make adjustments but try not to damage the foam with too many holes. Finally, insert the greens/foliage. 12. You now have a beautiful tropical floral arrangement that you can enjoy for weeks! 13. Place your flower arrangement in an area that is free of drafts and away from heat sources. Mist flowers with water daily to prevent dehydration. For added flower life, re-cut the stems once a week. POTTED ORCHID PLANTS: Orchids prefer filtered light and warm, humid conditions. Place the plant near a window with morning or late afternoon sun. Normal room temperatures are ideal. Water the plant about twice a week or when the planting medium is dry to the touch. Allow the water to run through the pot and drain off any excess water. Never allow the plant to sit in water. Water the plant early in the day to allow it to dry off by nightfall. Fertilize once a month with commercial foliar orchid fertilizer. Depending on the orchid variety the flower sprays can last for up to 4-6 weeks. With proper care and conditions these orchids can re-flower. Repot once a year in late spring during active root and leaf growth using a planting medium recommended for orchids. Select the pot size based on the size of the root system.